Afforestation Of Savanna with Cocoa

Food vector created by macrovector -
Food vector created by macrovector –

The cocoa trees are small and evergreen. Its fruit is known as a pod. Its pod contains a seed that is called Cocoa beans. 

Cocoa grows in hot and humid regions, mainly in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Central, and South America, and it is native to the deep tropical areas such as Mesoamerica. 

It can be harvested all over the year, but the bulk of it can be obtained in two seasons, February to October and May to August. 

And the Savanna is a woodland-grassland ecosystem having scattered trees and shrubs. It covers 20% area of the land.

Conditions in which Cocoa Grows Better

  1. The Cocoa thrive better in humid and tropical regions.
  2. continual rainfall that is 1000-2500mm/year
  3. The dry season must be short term with 21-23 calcious temperature.
  4. It needs a large area of soil that should be highly fertile. 
  5. One of the main circumstances is the depth that should be 1.5m. 
  6. The water holding capacity of soil should be high.
  7. Soil pH should be 6.5. I 
  8. The shade is also necessary to protect cocoa trees from too much light.

Topography Of Savanna

The temperature of Savanna is 15-25 calcious, and the weather is usually hot. Its raining season remains 3 to 5 months of summer. The average rainfall is 81 cm annually.

Savanna’s soil is mostly reddish because it is iron-rich. The earth of Savanna can absorb water very rapidly because it is porous.

Savanna’s soil has a single layer of humus. Savanna soil contains a large amount of organic matter because of the thick covering of leaves, bushes, etc. 

This layer is helpful to moderate temperature and boosts cation exchange capacity.

Those plants grow better in Savanna with Long tap Root, Thick bark, Deciduous to avoid moisture loss.


As we have discussed above both, the conditions in which Cocoa can grow correctly, and the climate, soil, and other aspects of Savanna, it shows that is possible to cultivate Cocoa in Savanna, but Cocoa needs some specific circumstances for better growth. If these circumstances are fulfilled, then Cocoa can grow well. We will discuss these conditions below:

  1. As Cocoa has 2 meter long roots, it will absorb adequate water.
  2. Due to 2 to 3 cm thick bark, it will prevent annual fires.
  3. Savanna is already a humus-rich soil, and it is the best condition for the better growth of Cocoa.
  4. Farmers should use fertilizer.
  5. pH should be maintained.
  6. Try to provide shade to cocoa trees.
  7. Keep an eye on disease signs.
  8. It needs 2-3 inches of water per week, so don’t depend on rainfalls.
  9. Water it well so that it may grow adequately.


Those who are already familiar with Cocoa cultivation know very well that cocoa afforestation is not a relatively easy job as it takes 3 to 5 years to yield a crop. It needs care for better crop production. Besides, after reading this article, you’ll be able to grow it correctly.

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