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Do you still think dodo is the best plantain dish in Nigeria?


Bole is the most popular roasted dish in Nigeria. Roasted plantain (bole) can be served and eaten with groundnuts or eaten with smoked fish and pepper sauce. Nowadays, the bole festival is the biggest food festival in Southern and Eastern Nigeria.

Bole and fish is one of the popular traditional foods in Nigeria. A classic Nigerian street food said to have originated in Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State, Nigeria. This city is known for a lot of great things but the most outstanding feature of this great oil city is its local dishes, more especially its popular street food called Bole (roasted plantain and fish). Port Harcourt bole and fish is a cuisine of roasted plantain and smoked/grilled fish (the plantain could be ripe, half-ripe or unripe). Is dish that could served with different accompaniment of choice usually a specially prepared stew and any protein of one’s choice (commonly fish or chicken). Bole is a hybrid of the western name Boli, which means roasted plantain. Bole is one of the Nigerian foods you should know and love – it has grown to become a popular Nigerian street food enjoyed by all at different levels of the society.

Bole has become a widespread street food in other parts of the country but Port Harcourt Bole continues to take the lead.

In the Western part of the country, this delicious chow is served with nicely fried groundnut but the Port Harcourt Bole is served with a specially prepared sauce, made of pepper, salt, onions, oil and seasonings. Another special thing about Port Harcourt Bole is the protein it is usually served with, it could be accompanied with finely seasoned roasted fish or chicken. I especially love to have my Bole with the head of fish, double dose of delicious combo!

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