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Coffee Consumption in Nigeria


Although historically, Nigerian consumers have drunk tea, cocoa, and instant coffee, things are beginning to change.

The demand for good coffee in Lagos is very high. The problem, she says, is that access to good quality products is limited.

Another issue for Nigerian coffee consumers is the cost of coffee. Cheap forms of instant coffee are still the only truly accessible coffee products on the market.

Most of the coffee available for sale in Nigeria is soluble, which has been made popular by mobile coffee kiosks found across major cities, including Lagos. 

These kiosks generally sell a cup of instant coffee for around 100 Nigerian naira (roughly equivalent to just US $0.24).

This means that the coffee industry in Nigeria has been dominated for some time by one brand: Nescafé.

According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO), Nescafé holds a 60% share of Nigeria’s coffee market. The company’s products are all manufactured in neighbouring Cote d’Ivoire, and are made with non-Nigerian coffee.

“Most of the coffee Nigerians drink is imported,” “Some 95% of what is consumed here comes from other countries. This leads to a high level of waste for the local farmers.

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