Roles of Good Quality Seed for Boosted Production In Africa

The seed that is healthy and proficient enough to resist drought, herbicides, diseases, and can produce a healthy plant with more nutritious grains, and more in number is called “Good Quality Seed.” 

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Before supplying, its efficiency is tested by the germination test. In this “Germination Test,” a set of 100 seeds is sown to check out how competently that seed will satisfy the field and how much seeds it will produce. 

If 90 out of 100 seed germinates under favourable growing circumstances, it will be a quality seed. Typically, there are four main categories of the quality seed: Breeder, registered, certified, and foundation; each class is best in its way.

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Low Farm Productivity and its Reasons

Those countries are developing day by day, who had made strategies to improve agricultural techniques. Somehow, African countries are still included in low farming countries due to a lack of farm field progress.

They are unable to progress just because of Insufficient resources of quality seed, using old methods for farming (less use of mechanization), and inadequate rural infrastructure.

But now we have to come up with crop variety. Now some steps should be taken to eradicate the problem of low farm productivity.

Parameters of Good Quality Seed

The quality of the seed plays an essential role in the development of horticultural and agronomic crops. 

  • The quality of seed can be improved by conditioning.
  • Conditioning helps beat unwanted behaviour, diseased seed, small seed, damaged seed, and much more.
  • Furthermore, here are some significant points discussed that help boost productivity. 
  • The excellent quality seed will give high yield per unit area because it has tremendous potential to produce better output.
  • Good quality seed is highly vigorous; they emerge fastly.
  • They develop vigorous plants that are uniform.
  • Plantation of quality seed always yields more seeds, even fewer seeds are sown, so quality seed is still money saving.
  • These are true to the type of seeds; they will always grow the same as the original plant. They do not possess any hidden characteristics.
  • Quality seed gives the best crop that is marketable.
  • Yield is always predicted, obtained in a shortened time. So, using quality seed provides more output in less time.

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Why Good Quality Seed is a Key Factor for Boosted Production in Africa

There are different issues that we have discussed above that are the cause of low farm productivity. If we need more productivity in less time, then we must have to make some specific strategies.

To boost productivity, we have to use some modern technologies which include Good Quality Seed. Because the higher will be the quality of the seed, the more will be produced, as it will give 20 to 25 percent yield. 

It will give a better crop in no time. It will provide improved traits, such as offspring that will be more disease-resistant and have super qualities. The Quality Seed is credible as it is formed after years of searches. 

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Various teams are working on projects such as GSI, AIVs to boost productivity. We also need such more projects.

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