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How To Become A Kings Oil Distributor In 2022


Providing an outstanding client experience is a major aspect of Kings Oil Distributors’ success. We want customers to be happy with their purchases and come back again and again.

Every year, the oil world evolves. You are a crucial part of the future of Kings Oil Distributors as a distributor. You must understand the fundamentals of our business so that you can represent us professionally in all of your encounters with new and returning clients.

We will cover the fundamentals of our firm in this section so that you can become a successful distributor for us! You must understand it’s very easy, you need not worry.

In the year 2021, we received a total estimate of over 6000+ calls aside from Texts and Chats on How to become distributors, we hope to do things differently this year starting with making information about being a distributor much easy for new distributors and existing distributors looking forward to dealing with the company directly.

Here we have some frequently asked questions that might guide you:

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for vegetable oil is 100 packs or jerricans. It can be mixed with other liters to get the minimum order quantity of 100 at a time.

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Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to everywhere in Nigeria. Delivery times might be affected by the distance of state from manufacturing state.

What are the prices for each liter?

Prices are susceptible to change, there’s usually a review of prices every week to determine the final sale price. You can refresh the page or contact our support on WhatsApp. Find prices attached below.

Latest Prices of Devon Kings Oil

What discounts do distributors get?

Distributors get company or manufacturing prices which is different from resellers’ or distributors’ prices, once there is a change in the prices, distributors are the first to know.

Who To Contact For Sales

For whom to contact, feel free to contact or WhatsApp Afrimillz Customer Support on 08101114310.

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