Planting Hybrid Seed in Africa

Food photo created by evening_tao -
Food photo created by evening_tao –

Hybrid seeds are those seeds that are produced by the cross-pollination of plants. Hybrid seeds are used in modern agriculture and in-home gardening at large scale. 

The sudden rise in agriCultural output was just because of hybrid Seed during half of the twentieth century. It revolutionized the agriculture system all over the world.

A General View of African Agriculture System and Food Demand

As the population is increasing, the land for cultivation is decreasing in Africa. On the other hand, more than 2/3 of the African population relies on agriculture.

According to a survey, the demand for food will be doubled by 2025 in African countries. African countries may have to face a shortage of food because of inadequate food production. 

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As most of the African farmers can not pay for fertilizers and access to other resources.

And those who can buy fertilizers are just 1/3 farmers; besides this, there is not enough Seed that can meet with the farmers and smallholders demand.

Additionally, some other hazards may cause a decline in African Agriculture, such as plant diseases, shortage of good quality seed, and different calamities.

Drought and low fertility is also the main problem of Sub Saharan African regions. These regions are continually affected by drought.

Plant diseases such as Cassava mosaic disease and brown streak disease are widely spread in African countries. They are limiting plants’ ability to develop sufficient staple and cash crops, just like Cassava (staple food crop for 800 million people in the world),  maize, sweet potato, etc.

Role of Hybrid Seed to Overcome Food Shortage and Better Yield in Africa

It is necessary to use hybrid seeds in Africa because the use of hybrid Seed is helpful for the following reasons;

  • It is used to improve the characteristics of plants. 

Such as hybrid seeds give better yield, 

  • Highly resistant to viral, bacterial, or fungal infection, these infections lessen the growth and kill the plant.
  • Hybrid Seed gives better and desired genes because they have the same parent plant. Also, you can get the desired color.
  • While sowing Hybrid Seed, there will be no worries about waiting too long because it produces easy and rapid growth.
  • Hybrid Seed is adapted better to stress. Hybrids have long roots that are useful for drought, especially during the summer season.
  • The hybrid Seed needs less water but grows taller.


Africa must get smarter with their agricultural system and marketing opportunities. The establishment of seed companies is the main task to meet farmers’ demand for the good quality seed to improve Africa’s agriculture.  Hybrid Seed will benefit a lot from the heirloom plants in every way, either area issues, disease devastation, higher yield, food shortage, or drought-prone. 

Like other Seeds (heirloom, organic, Genetically modified crops), hybrid Seed also has some cons. Still, it is predominant both in agriculture and in gardening because it grows faster and needs less work.

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