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‎Seven factors to consider when searching for freelancer

‎Seven factors to consider when searching for freelancer


Most business owners know, especially after COVID-19 pandemic, that the completion of some tasks does not require the attendance of employees at workplace, but it is possible for freelancers to perform all the required tasks from home, without the need to waste time in moving to and from the workplace.

 That being said, consider the following when searching for and hiring a freelancer from freelancing platform.

1- Communication Skills

While it is recommended to consider skills and expertise when searching for a freelancer, communication skills are just as essential. You see, you want to hire a contractor that is reliable and will always notify you of your job’s progress when requested. Their response to messages should also be prompt as this indicates you will have an excellent experience.

2- Expertise and Skills

Of course, this element is a must to meet the best talent. Check job applicants’ track records of success and consider reviewing other clients’ comments regarding their experiences working with them.  

3- Work Duration

Some freelancers look for clients with long-term gigs while others consider short-term projects. When searching for freelance talent, consider including the duration in which your project is to last in your job description.

This way, you will attract the right audience that will ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Also, consider the time freelancers have on your project since they might have other tasks from different clients. Be clear on your expectations for a better working relationship.

4- Ability to Meet Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is crucial for business planning and it is important to find a freelance worker that is reliable. They must also double-check their work for errors before submitting as this portrays professionalism and dedication.

Understandably, sometimes work cannot be submitted within the stipulated time. If they can be able to communicate the delay beforehand makes them considerable candidates to hire.

5- Flexibility

The best talent should be flexible and be willing to adapt to different workflows. For instance, they should be open to working with other freelancers and collaborate to ensure the project is completed successfully. Also, make sure they can adapt to your timeline, especially concerning pay dates. It should be reasonable.

6- Their Proposals

Freelancers’ proposals should be detailed and clearly explain what they are capable of and their experience in similar jobs. The best proposal should also include the tools the freelancers will use to work with and the time they expect to complete the project. Some job applicants will even include a sample writing on their proposals so that you can clearly see what they will bring to the table.

7- Rates

While you will save more working with freelancers compared to working with permanent employees, note that their rates differ. For instance, freelancers who have been in the industry longer will charge higher fees compared to those who are getting started.

Therefore, have a budget and choose a freelance worker that aligns with it. Ensure they bring in quality work without you having to spend a lot of money.

Source: Recruiters LineUp

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