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The difference between sparkling water and still water


Hydration is vital to a healthy and happy life, and for many people, the taste of sparkling water is preferable to still, adding an extra “buzz” to their drink.

But does the choice you make between still and sparkling water make any difference beyond taste? There are a few myths about sparkling water being somehow less “healthy” than still water, but we can put your mind at ease.

The nature of sparkling water means that people sometimes confuse or conflate its properties with those of carbonated sodas. People ask whether sparkling water contributes to tooth decay, or osteoporosis, or is somehow more calorific than still water.

In all these cases, there’s no truth to the myth. The only difference between our sparkling and still waters is the addition of carbon dioxide gas, which creates the “fizz”. That’s all. Same source, same purity, same high quality.

If you’re a fan of fizzy drinks, then drinking a pure, natural sparkling water is far better for you healthwise than drinking colas or other flavoured sodas. The sugar content in many of the main brands is a major cause of obesity, and even the diet versions of these drinks contain huge amounts of additives and chemicals, as well as in many cases a large dose of caffeine which can leave you feeling jittery.

By contrast, sparkling water has been proven to have the same effect on health and hydration as non carbonated water. Just make sure you’re aware of the source, check the TDS, and treat your body to a pure natural water. If you want to add a bit of extra flavour, mix in a small amount of pure fruit juice, or add a few slices of lemon, orange, cucumber or lime.

The one reason we’d advise still over sparkling water is during a workout or other exercise, and that’s simply because the carbonation can cause discomfort when combined with vigorous movement. Also, opening a rapidly shaken bottle at the end of your run may give you an unwelcome shower! For day to day hydration though, go with the one that’s most to your taste – either choice will keep you fit .

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