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The most common weird food combination in Nigeria


Nigeria is known to always have a food enabler for another food. Starting with meat, no Nigerian can eat a meal with out the precious meat or fish. It is believed that food combination helps in weight loss and digestion.

There is no food in Nigeria that is eaten alone. We often ask ourselves how these combinations started.

Could it be as a result of the prevailing poverty in the country? Imagine a scenerio where a man comes home from work and all he has in his house is a loaf of bread and the leftover Okra Soup his neighbor Bisola gave him last night. Before you know it, hungry man is getting ideas and just like that a meal has been created.

It could also be because of Nigerians (especially men) inability to stick with one type of thing in a category of things. A typical Hausa man would not be wealthy enough unless he has many wives. A typical Yoruba man would study English, Medicine and Law. A typical Igbo man cannot carry last, he will be ‘Onyeoma na Dubai’, ‘Akpaego na Japan’ and ‘Omego na Malaysia’.

Whatever be the case, Nigerians cannot stick to a particular thing and when it comes to food, some are beginning to get too creative and at this point, are begging to be sent to prison.

Here are some out-of-line Nigeria Food Combination that will make you fight for that visa to Canada.

1. Bread and Noodles

Just the other day, we were a happy country enjoying our bread with tea as it should be. Then, one slay bobo after spending all his school allowance on Amaka from girls hostel comes home to the one packet of noodles he has. The noodles will not be enough, he borrowed bread from Chike his roommate and decided it was safe to consume it.

This food combination is popular in Nigerian Universities and it is believed to have gotten its Origin from there.

May we never find ourselves in this young man’s position. Amen!

2. Bread and Beans

This food combination is popular in the Western part of Nigeria. Specifically, the ever busy Lagos Nigeria. This part of the country has a lot of hustling and bustling going on and it is said to be the most populated city in Africa.

Now, you do the maths. Beans is a proteinous meal and bread is high on carbohydrate. Any Nigeria who went through primary school was told how carbohydrate and protein makes a balance diet. So, after a days hustle without food, a hustling lagosian would settle down for a meal of ‘Ewa Agoyin’ and Agege bread which is the popular name in Lagos.

3. Bread and Pap

It is undeniable that Nigerians are getting excessively creative with bread. The solid nature of this food has made it a part of most unsustaining meal. Bread and Pap serves as breakfast in most Nigerian homes. Could it be that the befitting ‘Akara’ is not enough for this people or they are just moving away from normalcy?

While carbohydrate is important in every breakfast, we should stay away from this food combination for the sake of our health.

4. Rice and Okro soup

It is uncertain where this eyesore originated from and we Nigerians do not claim this food. However, we are going to commit people that do this in our prayers while move to the next weird food combination.

5. Eba and Beans

It is now clear Nigerians can eat any thing. Question for the people that eat this: when you take a lump of these two, do you swallow them all or do you start chewing for the sake of the beans? Luckily for us, this dish combination is yet to spread across the country which implies that people still eat it in secrecy. We pray it goes away with the Coronavirus.

6. Boli and Groundnut

This food combination may not be as bad the others. This is common in most popular cities in Nigeria. It is seen as a city delicacy.

The ripe plantain and groundnut is similar to banana and groundnut combo which is not bad. The unripe plantain and Groundnut is where the problem lies; if you eat this, ensure to keep drinking water beside you because it is a suicide mission.

7. Beans and Noodles

This is another food combination that was birthed in Nigeria Campuses. Noodles is a common provision for Nigeria students and when it gets boring, students tend to improvise.

We are not going to pretend that we are okay with this. However, since it is part of the learning process, we will let it slide.

8. Soaked Garri and Fish

People in this category act like they have made it in life. Instagram Chefs post pictures of this and think that their culinary skills out of this world.

This food combination started from the riverine areas in Nigeria. Where there are abundant fishes that people just don’t know what to do with them. People from these area, are mostly not bouyant and they consume ‘Nigeria life saver’; soaked Garri more.

Having seen these food combinations, it is safe to say that one man’s food is really another mans poison. Food combination will not be living Nigeria any time soon. Nigerians will remain ever creative in all aspects.

What food combination has left you in gagging all day?

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